Pet grooming is not just for appearance, but it plays a very important role in your dog or cat’s overall health.

With this in mind, The Animal Doctor has carefully developed a set of services that range from cosmetic and creative to therapeutic and restorative. Our Fear Free Certified, professional groomer specializes in breed standard and custom cuts. She is also a certified canine esthetician and happy to customize a plan to soothe your pet’s skin and coat conditions.

Dog Grooming at The Animal Doctor

Dog Grooming

Cat Bathing | The Animal Doctor, Veterinary Care, Broomfield, CO

Cat Grooming

  • Lush Spa Bath

  • Shed-Less Sessions

  • Hair Cuts

  • Soft Paws Applications

Schedule a pet grooming appointment with one of Colorado’s only Fear Free Certified groomers, right here in Broomfield! Please contact The Animal Doctor today.